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Membership Fees

Membership Subscriptions 2016

Members Subscriptions are based on number of employees and split into two parts
- a National Portion and a Local Portion.

The National portion of subscriptions are as follows:

Number of
National Sub
(ex GST)
1 - 5 $205.00
6 - 10 $270.00
11 - 20 $400.00
21 - 40 $500.00
41+ $600.00

The National portion of a membership subscription is used for the running of the
National Office and for issues relating at a National level.

The Local portion of a membership subscription is used for local branch activities and events e.g. Membership meetings, golf days, etc. 

Local Fee of $70.00 + GST
(Upper North Island region)
Central (Central North Island region)
Wellington (Lower North Island region)

No local Fee for Otago  - if those in Otago wish to be included in Canterbury events then the fee of $70 + GST applies. 

Allied Traders are all set at $200.00 + GST and local branch subscription.
Corporate Membership - $1000 + GST and regional branches pay the regional sub