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Tools and Resources

Thu, March 02

Notes on sample interview questions  -  a free resource supplied compliments of HR ToolKit.

The attached document contains sample questions that are intended as a support tool. 

You do not have to stick rigidly to these questions if you wish to ask alternative questions.

Mon, November 07

On the Subject of “Meth” Contaminated Items

There has been some concern about exposure and handling of items that might have been exposed to “Meth” – it seems at this stage there are no official methods for dealing with these situations.

Fri, April 24


Energy is vital to the textiles care industry.  Electricity, gas, and sometimes coal, are used to drive energy intensive processes like washing, drying, pressing and hand finishing.

Tue, April 17

KiwiSaver membership

KiwiSaver is open to all New Zealand citizens and people entitled to live here permanently who are under the age of eligibility for NZ Super (age 65).

To join KiwiSaver, a person must be:

Mon, April 16

The below form is a  “Check List” to help you

  1. not get into this situation and
  2. resolving the problem if you do.
Mon, April 16

The purpose of this tool is to point you in the right direction if you want to know about public holidays, alternative holidays, sick, and bereavement leave. It also has information about calculating payment for these days, as well as determining entitlements to public holidays.

Mon, April 16

Trial period

Employers can make an offer of employment to a prospective employee that includes a trial period of up to 90 days. Trial periods are voluntary, and must be agreed in writing and negotiated in good faith as part of the employment agreement. A trial period can’t be offered to an employee who has been previously employed by that employer.

Mon, April 16

This Fact Sheet has been provided by the Department of Labour.

While these lists have been compiled from the information provided, in good faith, there are no guarantees of accuracy.

Mon, April 16

Every year thousands of people are injured or fall sick at work – some seriously.

A quick first aid response can mean the difference between life and death, or can reduce the severity of the injury.